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Welcome to the new GBG Business Opportunity Team of D Marie Holtz, Sebastian Spinali & D M Holtz!


We are a new team under C J's GBG Family Team & Keith Kearney.


If you join our GBG team, you will also be on their teams.


Our new team members have a collective 30+ years experience in marketing, SEO, and nutrition.


We want to use our expertise and experience to grow a huge GBG organization & teach people that join our new GBG team to do the same.


We joined GBG because of the products.  We decided to work GBG because of the pay plan.


And we decided to include GBG in the domain empire we're building because of the company, products & pay plan. 


The domain empire we're building includes many websites that we are working on now to get them to the top of search results for very high traffic keyphrases.  Each site will include a promotion & link for this GBG site.


The more sites we get done and to the top results > the more traffic this site will get > the more sales we'll make > the more overflow and income there will be for members on our team. 


Imagine this... someone, somewhere in the world sits at their computer and types words into a search engine window to look for what interests them.


Now imagine you have already used our free training to set up and promote a build it yourself website around the same keywords/phrases they are searching for...


Now imagine your site popping right up in front of their face instantly as they search for your  keywords/phrases. 


This is a hot prospect... most likely to buy what you are selling.  It's automatic, effective, inexpensive and can work like the energizer year after year. 


We call this target marketing on steroids and we just love this system.


We invite you to join GBG so we can teach you how to use this system like we have been.


We've been getting websites to the top of the search engines for years, so we know how to do it.  We're only showing you this website so we don't tip off the website affiliate program we've been promoting through SEO since 2006. 


We want to use the website affiliate program as an incentive to join GBG so we can teach our new GBG members how to promote GBG for free like we do.


In this economy, we feel that everyone 20 years or older should be working GBG and be on their life-changing products.


Stay young & healthy and become financially independent... a great combination to aspire to in this day and age. 


We heard a saying once that went something like this... what good does it do to gain the world and lose your health?  That is so true. 


And because GBG can help you gain the world and improve your health, we think it would be a great opportunity for anyone 20+ years old. Are you ready?


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